The school curriculum consists of a total of seven subjects that will provide the student with the necessary knowledge, skills and competence.

To achieve the school's objectives for individual subject, the school will use various learning techniques.
This will vary from subject to subject according to purposes and contents.

Central working methods that will be used are:
• Lectures with active participation of students
• Presentations of group work
• Reflection of relevant literature
• Individual and groups project assignments
• Working with case studies
• Study visits in companies or organizations in the local area

Learning Objectives

After graduation from Josef Akademi, students will develop several Christian based business skills including:

• Gaining basic knowledge of the Bible and Christian values
• Formulating life goals
• Applying Christian spirituality for character development, management and innovation
• Understanding and using various principles of leadership with special focus on servant leadership
• Discussing Christian family ethics in relation to professional life and society
• Being able to apply Biblical principles for entrepreneurship
• Being able to formulate and develop their own businesses "plan"

Student Handbook

For detailed information on all of our courses at Josef Akademi, please click the link below and download our current Student Handbook.